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The days of the stuck to the teeth as the only way to straighten your smile came to an end, and it’s thanks to innovation of dental aligners, today the patients who require correct their smiles already have more alternatives that years ago.

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The offer of clear aligners you can differentiate 2 categories: DIY aligners and invisible orthodontics with a specialist (such as Invisalign). It is convenient know clearly how it works each one. The right treatment plan for you has relationship ultimately of their unique conditions, objectives and priorities of smile. Keep reading while we discuss about the 5 best transparent aligners on the market, the difference between the treatment of aligners at home and aligners in the dental office, and a series of tips to help you choose.

DIY aligners VS invisible orthodontics with a specialist: Because they are different?

Before dig into the different companies of invisible aligners and understand the benefits unique, agrees understand the difference between the two main categories. First hand, the products aligners at home and in the orthodontic medical consultation appear be alike. Even though both types appear to be made of plastics similar, actually they are quite different.

Invisalign aligners in the office, such as the biggest in the industry Invisalign, are directly managed by qualified orthodontists. This means that you will schedule visits monthly to the office or video calls so that your dentist can follow the progress and make alterations if necessary. In occasions, these visits can specify the employment of other devices to produce tooth movements more complicated.

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As This is indicated by the name, what they call “aligner treatment from home ”without supervision of an orthodontist is carried out fully from your home . You cannot have the security that the planning is carried out by a specialist licensed, then they send you directly to you without you having been never seen by a specialist. In a period of 3-6 months, you will get high a set of aligners at your own risk. While they are promoted as cheap, treatment from home can cause one’s own problems of medical treatment without medical and the effects of these may be irreversible or lead to preventable medical treatments.

Associations of dentists from all over Europe have already indicated of the dangers of the use of dental devices without supervision of a orthodontist. learn more

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